“Originality is rare these days is… That’s what I’ve found in this production team. When I needed a distinctive sound I was impressed by Tonkyman Productions for the depth and emotion of their music. As a songwriter working with them has been an incredible creative experience because of the unique perspective of the music as well as the drive for success. The #1 thing I look for creatively is inspiration and Tonkyman has it!”

Jon Pierre

Shoutout to Tonkyman for choosing not to follow the mold, but working towards creating a new industry STANDARD. There is no doubt in my mind that much success is in the near future. Nuff respect!


“RAW TALENT + PASSION= Tonkyman, since Ive started working with them they have produced nothing BUT HITS! You can always look for originality, Spark, Creativity at its BEST!!! I DEF enjoy working with, and will continue to work with! WE ON OUR WAY TO THE TOP, DAILY!”


“all i know is that tonkyman represents natural talent backed by passion and hustle. Been rocking with him for years and all i hear is growth and determination”

The Authentic

Tonkyman Productions provides a different sound. The beats break the mold by goin outside the box and adding versatility to any artists project. Tonkyman Prod. is a new flavor on the menu of creativity.


It has definitely been a good experience working with Tonkyman Productions. Not only are we making classic hits together with my lyrics and Tonkyman’s production but Tonkyman is a great person to network with. Tonkyman gives you added promotion, exposure and more networking connections. Tonkyman is the type of producer I like to work with because his creativity on beats allows me as an artist to challenge myself and take my creativity in song writing to another level. Watch out for that VS./Tonkyman calabo coming soon to a stereo near you!–