About Tonkyman

Tonkyman Productions is a full service music production company specializing in on-demand instrumentals used by recording artists, dancers and choreographers, and corporate licensing.

Tonkyman Productions (TMP), LLC is a music production company specializing in custom instrumentals, mixing and mastering, recording, and consultation. Started by Brian Wilson in 2013, he has been producing for artists since 2004 before deciding to make things official. TMP uses state of the art software and hardware; MacBook Pro, Pro Tools 9, Complete Waves Plugin Suites, as well as the Blue Yeti Microphone. Brian’s goal with Tonkyman is to partner with local, regional, and national artists and filmmakers to provide them with the sound needed to complete their projects and enhance the consumer experience. His mission is to translate all the crazy and weird influences from life into music.

Who is Tonkyman?

Tonkyman is an alter ego. Music is an art, its freedom. Not to be bothered with musical norms, We make music for everyone. Tonkyman is about stepping out of the norm, going to different places, and ultimately, Taking Music Where You Want To Go



To be globally recognized for  efforts and contributions to the recording industry. Accomplished through dedicated studying of music theory, arrangement and composition, and by aligning  with other musically talented individuals to constantly challenge ourselves creatively.


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